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Unearth a Celestial Treasure: A Piece of the Campo del Cielo Meteorite Shower

This auction presents a rare opportunity to own a fragment from the Campo del Cielo meteorite shower, an event that illuminated the skies over Argentina around 2200 BC. This celestial treasure is a tangible connection to our solar system's history and a captivating piece for any collection.

A Cosmic Phenomenon:

The Campo del Cielo impact site, located in Argentina's Chaco Province, is home to numerous meteorite fragments, remnants of a massive meteor shower that occurred approximately 4,200 to 4,700 years ago. The largest of these fragments, weighing an estimated 30-37 tons, is the second-heaviest meteorite known on Earth.

A Glimpse into the Cosmos:

Owning a piece of the Campo del Cielo meteorite is like holding a fragment of our solar system's history. These meteorites are believed to have originated from a larger asteroid that broke apart long ago. Their journey to Earth offers a glimpse into the dynamic processes that shape our cosmic neighborhood.

A Collector's Prize:

Campo del Cielo meteorites are highly sought after by collectors due to their rarity, historical significance, and unique composition. Their iron-nickel composition, often with visible Widmanstätten patterns, makes them visually captivating.

Authenticity and Value:

The value of a Campo del Cielo meteorite fragment depends on several factors, including its size, condition, and any unique characteristics. Authenticating these meteorites is crucial, and documentation from reputable sources is highly valued.

Highlighting Your Piece:

  • Include clear images showcasing the fragment from multiple angles.
  • Describe the fragment's size, weight, and any distinguishing features.
  • Provide any available documentation or authentication information.
  • Share the story of the Campo del Cielo meteorite shower and its historical significance.

Owning a piece of the Campo del Cielo meteorite shower is more than just acquiring a celestial object; it's about connecting with the vastness of space and owning a piece of our solar system's history.


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