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Unearth a Treasure: 1921 Key Date Mercury Dime

Calling all coin enthusiasts! This auction offers a remarkable opportunity to own a 1921 Mercury Dime, a coveted "Key Date" for collectors.

Why is the 1921 Key Date?

  • Scarcity: Unlike most Mercury Dimes minted in the millions, the 1921 issue saw a significantly lower mintage, making it considerably rarer.
  • Historical Context: The lower mintage of 1921 dimes is attributed to the mints prioritizing silver dollar production, leaving fewer resources for dime production.
  • Collector Demand: The combination of scarcity and historical significance makes the 1921 Mercury Dime a highly sought-after piece for collectors.

Own a Piece of History:

Mercury Dimes, minted from 1916 to 1945, were designed by Adolph A. Weinman and feature the graceful image of Mercury, the Roman god of commerce and travel, on the obverse (heads) side.

Owning a 1921 Key Date Mercury Dime not only adds a valuable piece to your collection, but also connects you to a specific chapter in American coin production history.

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