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The "Wheat Cent Omaha Bank Hoard" refers to an exciting find in the numismatic community, involving a large quantity of Wheat Pennies that had been discovered in a bank vault in Omaha, Nebraska. Wheat Pennies, or Wheat Cents, are a series of U.S. one-cent coins that were produced from 1909 to 1958. They are named for the two stalks of wheat that appear on the reverse, flanking the words "ONE CENT" and "UNITED STATES OF AMERICA." The obverse bears the image of President Abraham Lincoln, making it the first U.S. coin to feature a real person's likeness.

### Details of the Hoard
The discovery of the Omaha Bank Hoard occurred in the 1970s when a significant quantity of uncirculated Wheat Pennies, dating mainly from the 1940s to 1950s, was found in the original bank bags in a bank vault. These coins had been sitting for decades, untouched and in pristine condition. 

### Significance
- **Condition:** The main allure of the Omaha Bank Hoard is the exceptional condition of the coins. Finding Wheat Cents in uncirculated, mint condition is a rarity, making these particular coins highly desirable to collectors.
- **Volume:** The sheer volume of coins discovered provided a unique opportunity for collectors to obtain high-grade examples of Wheat Cents from a range of years and mint marks without the premium often associated with such finds.
- **Accessibility:** Because the hoard consisted of relatively common dates, it offered collectors, especially those new to the hobby, an affordable way to acquire uncirculated, mint condition coins.

### Collector Interest
Interest in the Omaha Bank Hoard remains high among collectors due to its story and the quality of the coins it contained. While the coins themselves may not be rare in terms of date or mint mark, their uncirculated status and the lore surrounding the discovery contribute to their appeal. Collectors value these coins not just for their condition but also as pieces of numismatic history. 

### Market Impact
The release of the Omaha Bank Hoard into the collector market had a few notable impacts:
- **Pricing:** Initially, there might have been a slight softening in prices for common-date Wheat Cents in uncirculated condition due to the sudden influx. However, the overall impact stabilized over time as collectors absorbed the available coins.
- **Grading:** The hoard provided a benchmark for grading uncirculated Wheat Cents, offering a plentiful supply of high-grade examples for comparison.
- **Interest:** Discoveries like the Omaha Bank Hoard often spur renewed interest in coin collecting, particularly in specific series like the Wheat Cents, encouraging both seasoned and new collectors to explore the series further.

Discoveries like the Omaha Bank Hoard underscore the potential for unexpected finds in the world of numismatics, offering excitement and new opportunities for collectors.

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