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A 1914 $5 Federal Reserve Note can be a collectible item with value depending on its condition and specific details. Here's a breakdown of what factors influence its worth:


  • The condition is the primary factor affecting the value of your 1914 $5 Federal Reserve note. Professional grading services like PCGS Currency or NGC Currency assign grades based on a standardized scale, ranging from "Poor" (heavily circulated and damaged) to "Uncirculated" (pristine condition with sharp edges and original folds). A higher grade translates to a higher value.

Series and Signatory Bank:

  • There were two series of 1914 $5 Federal Reserve Notes: the initial 1914 series and the Series 1914 issued later that year. The Federal Reserve Bank that signed and issued the note can also influence value. For instance, notes from less common issuing banks might hold a slight premium.


  • While not exceptionally rare, some combinations of series, issuing bank, and serial number combinations can be scarcer and fetch a higher price from collectors who specialize in such variations.

Value Range:

  • Here's a rough estimate of value based on condition:
    • Circulated (worn): $20 - $50
    • Very Fine (VF): $75 - $125
    • Extremely Fine (XF): $150 - $250
    • Uncirculated (UNC): $300+ (depending on specific details)


  • Identify Details: Examine the note to find the series designation (usually a small roman numeral near the top) and the issuing Federal Reserve Bank seal (identified by its city and letter).
  • Assess Condition: Evaluate the condition. If it's well-worn with folds and tears, it likely falls in the circulated range. If it appears crisp with sharp edges and minimal handling, it could be in Very Fine to Uncirculated condition.
  • Online Resources: Research similar notes online. Websites like PCGS Currency (https://www.pcgs.com/banknote) or NGC Currency (https://www.ngccoin.com/) offer images and historical sales data for various grades of 1914 $5 Federal Reserve Notes. This can help you get a sense of current market values for notes in similar condition.
  • Professional Grading (Optional): For a more precise valuation, consider submitting the note to a reputable grading service like PCGS or NGC. This will not only authenticate the note but also assign a specific grade that can significantly impact its value.

By considering these factors and conducting further research, you can get a better understanding of the potential value of your 1914 $5 Federal Reserve Note.

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