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An 1864 Indian Head Cent with a full LIBERTY and visible diamonds on the headband is a desirable coin for collectors, particularly compared to more worn examples. Here's what affects its value:


  • While you mentioned "full Liberty and diamonds," an official grade from a professional grading service (PCGS or NGC) is crucial for determining the coin's exact value. Grading considers various factors like:
    • Luster: Mint shine remaining on the surface.
    • Strike: Sharpness of details from the die transfer.
    • Surface preservation: Absence of scratches, nicks, or other wear.
  • Here's a general value range based on possible grades:
    • Good (G): $15 - $20 (Liberty might be faint, few to no diamonds visible)
    • Very Fine (VF): $58 - $80 (Full Liberty, some diamond details)
    • Extra Fine (XF): $100 - $200+ (Most or all diamonds visible)
    • Almost Uncirculated (AU): $300 - $1000+ (Very sharp details, most or all mint luster remaining)


  • The number of visible diamonds on the headband can influence value within a grade. More visible diamonds generally indicate less wear and a higher potential value.

Full Liberty:

  • A fully readable "LIBERTY" inscription is important. Worn letters can decrease value.

Other Factors:

  • Mintmark: There's no mintmark on most 1864 Indian Head cents (produced in Philadelphia). However, a rare variety exists with an "L" mintmark denoting coinage in New Orleans. This is a valuable collector's item.
  • Toning: Natural toning can add aesthetic appeal and value, but excessively dark or unattractive toning can detract.


  • For an accurate value, get your coin graded by a professional service like PCGS or NGC.
  • Research online auction results and dealer listings of similarly graded 1864 Indian Head cents with full Liberty and visible diamonds to understand current market prices.
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