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The 1935A $1 Silver Certificate with a yellow seal, also known as the "North Africa" note, is a unique and collectible piece of US currency. Here's what you need to know about its value:

Historical Significance:

  • Issued during World War II for American troops stationed in North Africa (Operation Torch).
  • The yellow seal was a security measure to easily identify and potentially demonetize the notes if captured by the enemy.

Value Factors:

The value of your North Africa Silver Certificate depends on its condition:

  • Circulated Condition: These notes have been used and will show wear and tear. Their value can range from $20 to $150 depending on the level of detail remaining. More worn examples might be closer to $20, while those with crispness and some remaining color vibrancy can reach higher values within this range.
  • Uncirculated Condition: Uncirculated notes with sharp printing and original folds can be significantly more valuable. Grading by a reputable service like PCGS or NGC determines the exact worth. Generally, higher grades (MS-63 and above) can reach several hundred dollars, with exceptional uncirculated specimens (MS-67 and above) potentially reaching $1,000 or more.

Additional Factors:

  • Serial Number: Fancy serial numbers (repeating digits, low numbers, etc.) can add a slight premium to the value for some collectors.


For the most accurate valuation, consider getting your North Africa Silver Certificate professionally graded by PCGS or NGC. This step establishes the condition and verifies its authenticity, providing a more precise market value. This information is valuable whether you intend to sell the note or keep it as part of your collection.

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