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The term "Pleasing" isn't a technical grading term used by professional coin grading services like PCGS or NGC. However, it can be used by collectors to describe a circulated coin that they find aesthetically pleasing, perhaps due to even wear or attractive toning.

Here's some information about 1917-D Standing Liberty Quarters that might be relevant to you:

  • Two Varieties: There are two main varieties for 1917-D Standing Liberty Quarters – Type 1 and Type 2. They can be differentiated by the feathers on the eagle's breast on the reverse. Type 1 has seven feathers, while Type 2 has eight.

  • Circulated Value: The value of a circulated 1917-D Standing Liberty Quarter (without specifying Type 1 or 2) can range from around $20 to $290 depending on its condition. The more details remaining on the design, the higher the value.

  • Uncirculated Value: Uncirculated specimens in top condition can be significantly more valuable, reaching upwards of $3750. For the most accurate valuation, getting the coin graded by a professional service is highly recommended.

Here's what you can do to determine the value of your coin:

  1. Identify the Type: Examine the eagle's breast on the reverse. If there are seven feathers, it's a Type 1. If there are eight feathers, it's a Type 2.
  2. Assess the Condition: Look for details like wear on Liberty's cheek, feather definition on the eagle, and overall surface quality.
  3. Research Online: Search online marketplaces like eBay for similar 1917-D Standing Liberty Quarters (specifying Type 1 or 2) in comparable condition to get an idea of asking prices.
  4. Consider Professional Grading: For the most accurate value and if you're considering selling the coin, get it professionally graded by PCGS or NGC.
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